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Winston AIR 2 Microspey Fly Rod

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Winston AIR 2 Microspey Fly Rod

Introducing Winston Microspey AIR 2 - Your Ultimate Trout-Centric Spey Rod

The new Winston Microspey AIR 2 is a game-changer for anglers, featuring cutting-edge AIR 2 boron/graphite materials that deliver an unbelievably lightweight and responsive action. Get ready for ultimate presentation and faster line speeds that out-perform cast after cast. With its overall lighter weight, faster recovery, smoother connection, and sweeter feel, the Microspey Air 2 provides extraordinary feedback throughout your cast and swing, taking your fishing experience to new heights.

Designed with trout enthusiasts in mind, this small series of spey rods offers unmatched performance when it comes to adding movement to swung flies, gaining increased line control, and experiencing unrivaled feel while fighting trout-sized fish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the Microspey Air 2 ensures a seamless and enjoyable fishing experience every time.


Tighter Grain Windows: Each Microspey AIR 2 model is perfectly aligned with industry-leading trout-specific two-hand lines in Skagit, Scandi, and Traditional styles. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to flawless casting performance.

A New Spey Grip - Designed Specifically for Trout: The Microspey Air 2 boasts a newly designed, ultra-thin diameter grip that provides instant feedback, reducing the likelihood of blown anchors. This innovative grip offers an ultra-light feel, making it feel more like a "trout" rod than a traditional "spey" rod. The longer, slimmer bottom grip gives anglers infinite ways to grip and control spey casts, allowing for effortless and precise maneuvers.

A Beautifully Figured Maple Reel Seat with Downlocking Nickel Silver Componentry: The Microspey AIR 2 showcases a stunning burled maple reel seat, exclusively crafted to embody Winston's timeless aesthetics. The hardware includes double downlocking nickel silver rings and componentry, giving the rod a classic look synonymous with Winston's legacy.

Each Microspey AIR 2 rod comes complete with a logo rod sock and a graphite rod tube, ensuring safe storage and easy transportation wherever your fishing adventures take you. Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, these rods embody the essence of quality and precision.

Experience the next level of spey rod performance with the Winston Microspey AIR 2. Whether you're targeting trout in rivers or exploring new waters, this rod is the perfect companion for achieving remarkable results with every cast. Elevate your fishing game and embrace the joy of trout spey fishing like never before.