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Umpqua Tungsten Carotene Jig - Carrot (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's Tungsten Carotene Jig: The Global Competitor's Choice

Elevate your nymphing game with Umpqua's Tungsten Carotene Jig, a meticulously crafted fly that has proven its worth on the global competitive fly fishing circuit. Developed by signature tyer Mike Sexton, the Carotene Jig combines simplicity with versatility, using favorite materials on a jig hook for an all-encompassing nymph that adeptly mimics stoneflies, caddis, and mayflies.

Masterful Blend of Simplicity and Functionality

The Carotene Jig was born from a desire to create a straightforward, yet highly effective pattern. It's constructed to be simple and general, yet it excels in its ability to cover the key bases of aquatic insects. The design utilizes a jig hook paired with Sexton's chosen materials, balancing ease of tying with exceptional underwater performance.

A Fly with a Winning Track Record

This fly isn't just another nymph in the box—it's a battle-tested champion that has made a noticeable difference in numerous fishing competitions. Its effectiveness and reliability have given Mike Sexton immense confidence, making it a staple in his arsenal regardless of the location or conditions. From local streams to international waters, the Carotene Jig has consistently delivered results.

Versatile Fishing Applications

Designed to be fished as a standard nymph, the Carotene Jig also offers exceptional performance when there is caddis activity. By swinging it like a wet fly, anglers can exploit its versatility and provoke aggressive strikes from trout that are keyed in on caddis. This dual-purpose capability ensures it remains effective across various fishing scenarios.

Sizes for Every Situation

The Carotene Jig is suited for a wide range of fishing environments and prey sizes. Whether you're navigating a small creek or casting into a large river, these sizes ensure that you have the right tool to match the prevalent aquatic insects and appeal to the local fish population.

Umpqua's Tungsten Carotene Jig is more than just a fly—it's a trusted companion for anglers around the world. Its global acclaim and proven track record in competitions underscore its effectiveness and necessity in any fly fisher's collection. Embrace the confidence that comes with using a fly like the Carotene Jig, and experience the thrill of fishing with a pattern that has captivated and succeeded on the world stage.