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Umpqua Super Bugger, Beck's - Olive (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's Super Bugger, Beck's: A Fly Born from Adversity

Explore the resilient and innovative Umpqua's Super Bugger, Beck's, a fly with a birth story as dynamic as its performance in the water. Created during the turmoil of Hurricane Mitch, signature tyer Cathy Beck designed this pattern in the confinement of a boarded-up hotel room, crafting a versatile fly that thrives in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Engineered for Maximum Attraction

The Super Bugger features a tan Marabou tail with hints of crystal flash, creating an enticing shimmer that mimics the natural movements of small baitfish and crabs. Its bulky body is crafted from tightly packed grizzly dyed tan hen body feathers, leading up to prominent lead eyes that enhance the fly's jigging motion. This design is not only visually appealing but also generates vibrations to attract fish in murky conditions expected after a storm.

Robust and Versatile Design

Equipped with three protruding silicone sili-legs, the Super Bugger offers an added dimension of realism, imitating the delicate movements of a crab or a wounded baitfish. The tan dubbing brush wrapped around the eyes provides a final touch of lifelike texture and movement, making this fly irresistible to a variety of species.

From Saltwater Origins to Freshwater Success

Originally conceived as a saltwater fly to target species like permit, bonefish, redfish, and snook, the Super Bugger has proven its effectiveness in freshwater as well. Cathy Beck's adaptation of the fly for freshwater targets has resulted in impressive catches, including a 16.5-pound rainbow trout from Argentina’s Jurassic Lake. This versatility makes the Super Bugger a go-to choice for anglers who value a fly that can perform across various conditions and locations.

A Testament to Innovation and Faith

The Super Bugger is not just a fly; it's a symbol of creativity under pressure and the belief in the power of a well-tied fly. Cathy Beck's story of tying this pattern amidst one of the deadliest hurricanes in history adds a layer of depth and authenticity to each cast. Available in size 6 and in colors black and olive for freshwater applications, the Super Bugger is built to inspire confidence and deliver results.

Add Umpqua's Super Bugger, Beck's to your fly box and experience the effectiveness of a fly born out of necessity and perfected with passion. Whether you're wading through saltwater flats or casting in crystal-clear freshwater, the Super Bugger is designed to bring remarkable success, turning challenging fishing conditions into memorable catches.