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Umpqua Silvey's Little Olive Stone Skwala (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's Silvey's Little Olive Stone Skwala: The Selective Trout Solution

When the trout become finicky at the start or end of a hatch, turn to Umpqua's Silvey's Little Olive Stone Skwala. This fly is a masterpiece crafted to tackle the challenging conditions of early and late stonefly hatches, ensuring you continue to see action even when the fish are most selective. Designed by renowned fly tyer Silvey, this pattern is your secret weapon for the first stonefly hatch of the year.

Expertly Crafted for Optimal Attraction

Silvey's Little Olive Stone Skwala is meticulously designed to resemble the natural appearance and behavior of young stoneflies. Its olive coloration and precise size mimic the stonefly nymphs that trout are eagerly feeding on during the early season. This makes the fly not only a realistic representation but also a highly effective attractor during critical hatch periods.

Built to Succeed

This super fishy pattern incorporates all the essential elements that make a stonefly imitation successful. From its lifelike body segmentation to its subtle movement in the water, every aspect of the fly is fine-tuned to appeal to trout, ensuring that it performs exceptionally well under a variety of conditions.

Versatile Fishing Applications

The Little Olive Stone Skwala is not just limited to imitating stoneflies. Its versatile design and appealing color make it a suitable option for a range of fishing techniques. Whether you are using it in a traditional nymphing setup or as part of a multi-fly rig, this fly proves to be effective throughout the stonefly hatch and beyond.

Ideal for Early and Late Season Fishing

The Little Olive Stone Skwala is perfectly suited for fishing during the early and late stages of the stonefly hatch, when trout are known to be particularly discerning. Its design ensures that it remains an enticing option, capable of triggering strikes even from the most cautious of trout.

Equip yourself with Umpqua's Silvey's Little Olive Stone Skwala and experience the confidence of having a top-tier fly in your arsenal. Perfect for those times when the trout are testing your skills, this fly guarantees that you still get the eats, making every cast count during the crucial moments of the hatch.