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Umpqua Flutter Bug, Paulson's (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's Flutter Bug, Paulson's: The Ultimate Stonefly Deception

Introducing Umpqua's Flutter Bug, Paulson's, a revolutionary take on the traditional stonefly pattern, conceived and crafted by Eric Paulson out of Livingston. Recognizing the dynamic and often erratic behavior of large stoneflies as they traverse the water, Paulson designed the Flutter Bug to mimic these insects in their most vulnerable state, enhancing its appeal to trout with a flair for the dramatic.

Capturing the Essence of a Struggling Stonefly

The Flutter Bug is meticulously designed to replicate a big stonefly in distress, with wings seemingly coming untucked as it attempts to reach the safety of the riverbank. This realistic portrayal taps into the predatory instincts of trout, offering a "hot mess of goodness" that proves irresistible even when other imitations fail to provoke a strike.

Robust and Effective Design

The Flutter Bug stands out not just for its size but also for its robust construction. This fly is built to withstand the rigors of casting and handling by large, aggressive trout. Its substantial body also makes it an excellent choice for supporting heavy nymphs, allowing it to function effectively as the lead in a dry-dropper setup.

Versatile and Superior Performance

Whether fished solo or as part of a multi-fly rig, the Flutter Bug excels in drawing attention. Its unique style and fluttering action make it particularly effective during the stonefly hatch, a time when trout are on the lookout for these large, protein-rich insects. The Flutter Bug's distinctive design ensures that it not only matches the hatch but stands out, providing an edge when the water is crowded with other natural and artificial competitors.

The Go-To Fly for Challenging Conditions

When conventional stonefly patterns don't seem to cut it, the Flutter Bug by Eric Paulson is your secret weapon. This fly's innovative approach to mimicking the imperfect, struggling flight of natural stoneflies offers a fresh perspective that can make all the difference on a tough fishing day.

With Umpqua's Flutter Bug, Paulson's, elevate your fly fishing strategy to include a pattern that is as effective as it is unique. Whether you're facing discerning trout or challenging water conditions, the Flutter Bug promises to deliver performance, durability, and, most importantly, results. Add this masterpiece to your collection and watch as it becomes a crucial part of your stonefly fishing arsenal.