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Umpqua Film Critic - PMD (3-Pack)


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Umpqua Feather Merchants Film Critic PMD: Master the Hatch with Precision

Introducing the Umpqua Feather Merchants Film Critic PMD, a sophisticated fly pattern crafted by the legendary Bob Quigley, renowned for his expertise in designing flies that excel in the water's surface film. The Film Critic is ingeniously designed to imitate mayflies at their most vulnerable—during the critical transition from nymph to dun. This fly is a tribute to Quigley's understanding of both the subtleties of hatch behavior and the discerning nature of trout, making it an essential pattern for the serious fly angler.

Designed for Vulnerable Mayflies

At the heart of the Film Critic's design is its ability to mimic mayfly emergers trapped in the surface film. This stage leaves the mayflies exposed and easy prey for trout, who often take their time selecting their meal. The Film Critic PMD capitalizes on this behavior by presenting all the key triggers that entice trout to feed, including a realistic shuck and tail, a low-riding body for authenticity, sparse hackle for subtle movement, and a prominent wing that's visible to both trout and angler.

Leisurely Feeding, Picky Trout

Understanding that trout can be particularly selective when feeding on emergers, Bob Quigley designed the Film Critic with precision and attention to detail. This fly not only appeals to the trout's instinctual feeding patterns but also addresses the angler's challenge of presenting a fly that can meet the exacting standards of trout keyed in on emergers.

Optimized for Visibility and Attraction

The Film Critic PMD is perfectly sized to match the natural mayflies during their hatch, providing anglers with a reliable option for those critical fishing moments. The prominent wing not only serves as a trigger for trout but also aids anglers in tracking the fly in a variety of lighting conditions and water types, ensuring optimal presentation and increased chances of success.

A Quintessential Fly for Hatch Matching

The Umpqua Feather Merchants Film Critic PMD stands as a pinnacle of fly design, embodying Bob Quigley's deep understanding of mayfly hatches and trout behavior. Whether you're a seasoned fly fisher or refining your approach to match-the-hatch fishing, the Film Critic PMD offers an unparalleled level of realism and effectiveness. Embrace the legacy of Bob Quigley and elevate your fly fishing experience with a pattern designed to outsmart the most discerning of trout during the pivotal moments of the hatch.