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Umpqua Dancin' Ricky (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's Dancin' Ricky: A Masterclass in Low-Riding Foam Fly Design

Elevate your fly fishing game with Umpqua's Dancin' Ricky, a signature creation by renowned tyer Andrew Grillos. This fly is a testament to Grillos's expertise and creativity, offering a unique blend of functionality and style. Designed to mimic the movements of a hopper or stonefly, the Dancin' Ricky is crafted to ensure top-notch performance and striking visual appeal.

Precision Engineering for Perfect Presentation

Dancin' Ricky stands out with its ingeniously designed low-riding profile, which allows the body and legs to subtly immerse in the water while keeping the wings and thorax buoyant. This strategic positioning makes it easier for fish to spot and strike, enhancing your chances of a successful catch. The fly’s design ensures it dances just above the water, mimicking vulnerable terrestrial insects perfectly.

Endless Customization Opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of the Dancin' Ricky is its potential for customization. Available in a spectrum of colors, this fly can be tailored to suit any fishing condition or personal preference. Whether you need a darker hue for overcast days or a vibrant pattern for clear waters, Dancin' Ricky adapts seamlessly.

Enhanced Floatation for Extended Use

To maximize its effectiveness, the Dancin' Ricky is designed to be used with Shimazaki dry-shake liquid. This treatment ensures that the fly remains afloat for hours, even in challenging conditions, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and allowing you to focus more on your fishing technique.

Celebrating a Legendary Angler

Named after Grillos's friend Rick, known among his peers as "Dancin' Rick" for his spirited moves, this fly brings a touch of personal history and charm. The backstory not only adds a fun twist but also celebrates the camaraderie and tales that enrich the fly fishing community.

With Umpqua's Dancin' Ricky, you're not just purchasing a fly; you're investing in a piece of angling artistry designed to enhance your fishing expeditions. Its practical design, combined with its engaging backstory, makes it a must-have in any angler's fly box. Get ready to cast Dancin' Ricky into your local waters and watch as it brings the dance floor to life, enticing strikes with every twitch and float.