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Umpqua Circus Peanut - Olive (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's Circus Peanut, Craven's: The Big Fish Enticer

Unleash the potential of Umpqua's Circus Peanut, Craven's, a formidable force in the world of large, articulated streamers. Renowned for its effectiveness, this robust pattern excels in attracting a diverse range of species with its impressive size and lifelike action. Whether you're targeting hungry bass, aggressive pike, or any big predatory fish, the Circus Peanut is designed to deliver results.

Designed for Maximum Impact

The Circus Peanut isn't just another streamer; it's a substantial offering in your fly arsenal. Measuring approximately 4 inches in length, it mimics a small stocked trout more than a tiny sculpin, making it an irresistible target for larger predators. This size advantage is crucial when targeting trophy fish that are looking for a more substantial meal.

Articulated for Lifelike Movement

One of the key features of the Circus Peanut is its articulated body, which allows for fluid, natural movements in the water. This design enables the streamer to simulate the erratic actions of a fleeing baitfish, an enticing sight for any predatory species. The realistic motion coupled with the substantial size makes the Circus Peanut a top choice for triggering aggressive strikes.

Multi-Species Versatility

The Circus Peanut's robust build and versatile action make it suitable for a variety of fishing environments and target species. Whether you're casting in deep river channels, fishing over submerged structures in lakes, or exploring coastal saltwater flats, this streamer is effective in drawing attention and provoking strikes from some of the most cautious and cunning fish.

Optimize Your Technique

Available in a dual hook size of 4x4, the Circus Peanut offers a balanced approach to streamer fishing. Finding the right stripping speed is key to maximizing its potential; a well-timed, erratic retrieve can make all the difference, mimicking a distressed baitfish that predators find impossible to ignore.

Elevate your streamer fishing game with Umpqua's Circus Peanut, Craven's. This streamer isn't just a fly; it's a fishing strategy designed to enhance your chances of landing those elusive, trophy-sized fish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or expanding your fly fishing techniques, the Circus Peanut promises excitement, action, and, most importantly, memorable catches.