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Umpqua X Caddis - Olive (3-Pack)


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Umpqua Feather Merchants X Caddis: A Legacy of Innovation

Introducing the Umpqua Feather Merchants X Caddis, a fly with a history as rich as the waters it was born to conquer. Over thirty-five fishing seasons ago, on the legendary Henry's Fork, Craig Mathews and his wife Jackie crafted this pattern with the ambition to outwit the larger, more discerning rainbow trout. Drawing inspiration from the success of Sparkle Duns on mayflies, the X Caddis brings a similar philosophy to caddis imitations, featuring a shimmering, sparkling shuck that speaks directly to the instincts of super-selective trout.

Born from Observational Wisdom

The genesis of the X Caddis was rooted in the simple yet profound observation that caddis, much like mayflies, often struggle to free themselves from their pupal shucks. This realization led to the development of a fly that mimics caddis in this vulnerable state, appealing to the opportunistic nature of trout. By incorporating a trailing shuck into the design, the X Caddis offers a representation of caddis that are either trapped in their shucks or emerging, their wings unfurled yet still encumbered.

Superior to Standard Ties

Through extensive testing and refinement, the X Caddis has proven to be far more effective than traditional caddis patterns like the Elk Hair Caddis. Its design specifically targets fish that are keyed in on the subtleties of crippled or impaired adults, making it a deadly choice for fly fishers targeting selective trout.

Expert Tips from Signature Tyer Craig Mathews

Craig Mathews recommends fishing the X Caddis as a dry fly, employing an upstream, dead-drift approach for the most natural presentation. This technique, aimed at individual rising fish, leverages the fly's buoyancy and lifelike shuck to mimic the erratic behavior of a struggling caddis. Furthermore, allowing the fly to momentarily submerge before popping back to the surface can trigger aggressive strikes from trout anticipating an easy meal.

Available in Essential Sizes

The X Caddis is offered in sizes 14, 16, and 18, catering to a range of fishing conditions and hatch sizes. These options ensure that anglers can match the prevailing caddis populations, increasing the likelihood of success on the water.

The Umpqua Feather Merchants X Caddis is not just a fly; it's a testament to innovation and a deep understanding of trout behavior. With its historical roots and proven effectiveness, this pattern stands as a cornerstone of modern fly fishing, offering anglers a sophisticated tool for challenging the wiles of selective trout. Embrace the legacy of Craig and Jackie Mathews with the X Caddis, and bring the art of imitation to new heights.