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Umpqua UPG Foam Salt Baitfish Fly Box


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Umpqua UPG Foam Salt Baitfish Fly Box: Streamlined Storage for Saltwater Giants

Discover the Umpqua UPG Foam Salt Baitfish Fly Box, a slim, single-sided storage solution designed specifically for saltwater anglers. This meticulously crafted fly box is ideal for securely storing and organizing saltwater baitfish patterns and large flies, making it an essential tool for pursuing a variety of game fish from Stripers to Tarpon.

Optimized for Large Fly Storage

The Baitfish Fly Box comes equipped with Mega-Slit Foam and features deep compartments for a secure hold of large hooks sized 1/0-10. It's perfectly suited for flies with multiple hooks, offering high overhead storage to accommodate bulky or long flies without crushing or tangling them. Multiple entry points enhance capacity and help keep your flies neatly organized for easy access.

Advanced Power Grip Foam

Incorporated within this fly box is Umpqua's POWER GRIP FOAM technology, which ensures an improved hold and quick loading of flies. This innovative foam is 25% lighter than traditional silicone alternatives, significantly reducing the weight of the box while maintaining a strong grip on your flies, ensuring they stay in place no matter the conditions.

Durable and Efficient Design

The UPG Foam Salt Baitfish Fly Box boasts a lightweight and low-profile design that makes it easy to handle and store. The box shell is constructed from strong, impact-resistant materials that protect your flies against the rigors of saltwater environments. A magnetic quick access opening and closure system allows for swift, hassle-free retrieval of flies, so you can focus more on fishing and less on gear management.

Transparent Lids for Easy Identification

Stay organized and efficient with see-through lids that allow you to quickly identify the contents of your box without having to open it. This feature is especially useful in dynamic fishing scenarios, helping you make swift fly selections when the action heats up.

Specifications at a Glance:

The Umpqua UPG Foam Salt Baitfish Fly Box is part of Umpqua's full line of premium foam fly boxes. Whether you're a seasoned saltwater fly angler or gearing up for your next big adventure, this fly box will ensure your baitfish patterns and large flies are secure, organized, and ready at a moment's notice. Enhance your saltwater fly fishing experience with this indispensable tool.