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Umpqua Morningwood Hopper - Yellow (3-Pack)


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Umpqua Feather Merchants Morningwood Hopper: Precision Crafted for Supreme Attraction

Elevate your fly fishing game with the Umpqua Feather Merchants Morningwood Hopper, the next evolutionary step in the lineage of the renowned Morningwood series. Building on the legacy of the Morningwood Stone, this hopper pattern brings together the best of both worlds: a lifelike silhouette and a palette of both natural and attractor colors designed to captivate and stimulate strikes from discerning fish.

Unmatched Buoyancy and Visibility

Crafted with a foam extended body, the Morningwood Hopper is engineered to remain super floaty, ensuring it stays atop the water's surface even in challenging conditions. The addition of spent poly wings not only contributes to its buoyancy but also enhances its natural appeal, simulating the delicate resting posture of a real hopper. To aid anglers in keeping track of the fly, a hot pink indicator has been thoughtfully incorporated, making the Morningwood Hopper easy to spot among the ripples and reflections of the water.

Versatile Application

The Morningwood Hopper is not just another dry fly; it's a versatile tool in your fly fishing arsenal. Whether employed as a high-floating option for your dry dropper setups or cast alone tight up against the bank, this pattern is designed to deliver results. Its ability to mimic the subtle intricacies of a hopper's appearance makes it an irresistible target for trout and other game fish, particularly during the warmer months when terrestrial insects become a significant part of their diet.

Available in Essential Sizes

Understanding the need for versatility and adaptability, the Morningwood Hopper is available in various sizes. These sizes are carefully chosen to maximize its appeal across a variety of fishing conditions, from small streams to larger rivers. Whether you're targeting cautious trout in clear water or aiming to entice a more aggressive bite in murkier environments, there's a Morningwood Hopper size that's just right for the task at hand.

A Must-Have in Your Fly Collection

The Umpqua Feather Merchants Morningwood Hopper is more than a fly; it's a testament to innovative fly design and angler-centric engineering. With its perfect blend of natural appeal and strategic attractor elements, this hopper pattern is set to become a cherished addition to your fly box. Unleash the full potential of your terrestrial fishing with a fly that combines superior floatation, easy visibility, and irresistible allure, ensuring your time on the water is both productive and enjoyable.