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Umpqua HDA Favorite Variant - Hare's Ear (3-Pack)


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Umpqua's HDA Favorite Variant: The Ultimate Versatile Nymph

Introducing Umpqua's HDA Favorite Variant, a nymph designed to excel in uncertain conditions and uncharted waters. This fly stands out as a top-choice searching pattern, ideal for anglers exploring new fishing spots or when the fish's preferences are unclear. Its unique combination of features makes it exceptionally versatile, suitable for various tactics, from Euro-nymphing to traditional indicator or dry-dropper setups.

Designed for Adaptability and Attraction

The HDA Favorite Variant shines with its pearl tinsel back, which catches light and creates an enticing shimmer underwater, mimicking the vibrant flash of natural prey. The soft hackle collar adds a crucial element of movement, suggesting the lifelike action of an emerger and enhancing the fly's effectiveness throughout various stages of insect hatches—from large drakes to smaller baetis.

Strategic Features for Enhanced Performance

This nymph is equipped with a hotspot that adds a visual trigger point, increasing its visibility and appeal to fish, ensuring it stands out in the water. The overall presence of this fly in the water column is designed to attract attention and provoke strikes, making it a reliable choice for challenging fishing scenarios.

Flexible Fishing Applications

Tied on a competition jig hook, the HDA Favorite Variant is optimized for Euro-nymphing techniques, allowing for precise control and effective presentation in fast currents and deep waters. However, its versatility extends beyond Euro-rig setups; it is also effective when suspended under an indicator or when dropped off a dry fly, providing flexibility for guides and recreational anglers alike.

Ideal for Various Hatch Conditions

Available in size 14, this nymph is perfectly sized for a broad range of hatch conditions. It transitions seamlessly from targeting larger trout during drake hatches to fooling finicky fish during the emergence of smaller mayflies. The design ensures that whether you're dealing with aggressive feeders or cautious sippers, the HDA Favorite Variant is up to the task.

With Umpqua's HDA Favorite Variant, arm yourself with a fly that offers not just versatility and adaptability but also the confidence to tackle new and familiar waters alike. Whether you're probing the depths of a large river or casting into subtle currents, this nymph provides the performance and reliability to turn uncertain fishing into successful outings.