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Solitude's Kermit Bass Popper - Kermit (3-Pack)


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Solitude Kermit Bass Popper: Unleash the Frog Frenzy

Leap into action with the Solitude Kermit Bass Popper, a frog-inspired lure that's bound to make waves among bass anglers. With a nod to everyone's favorite frog, Kermit, this popper is designed to tap into the predatory instincts of both largemouth and smallmouth bass with its irresistible frog-like appearance and action. Get ready for explosive topwater strikes and heart-racing battles as you trick bass into thinking Kermit's come for a swim.

Frog-Like Appeal for Hungry Bass

The Kermit Bass Popper features a design that mimics the enticing silhouette and movement of a frog on the water's surface. Its size 6 build makes it the perfect snack size for ambitious bass on the hunt, ensuring it's not too intimidating for smaller fish but still substantial enough to attract trophy catches.

Designed for Exhilarating Topwater Strikes

Nothing quite matches the thrill of seeing a calm water surface suddenly erupt as a bass takes your popper. The Solitude Kermit Bass Popper is engineered to create that irresistible pop and splash, mimicking the movements of a distressed frog and provoking aggressive strikes from bass lying in wait. The anticipation of the strike, followed by the adrenaline-pumping action of a bass bulldogging you into obstacles, makes for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Perfect for Structure-Rich Environments

Whether you're casting into lily pads, around dock pilings, or near rocky outcrops, the Kermit Bass Popper is your go-to lure for drawing bass out of their hiding spots. Its robust hooks and durable construction mean you can confidently navigate structure-rich environments, where bass love to ambush their prey, without fear of losing your new favorite popper.

A Must-Have for Bass Enthusiasts

The Solitude Kermit Bass Popper is more than just a lure; it's a game-changer for bass fishing enthusiasts. Its unique frog design, coupled with its effectiveness in enticing bass, makes it a must-have in your tackle box. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just getting started, the Kermit Bass Popper promises to deliver exciting fishing action and the joy of topwater success.

Get ready to make some waves and bring the bass to the surface with the Solitude Kermit Bass Popper. It's not just a lure; it's your next big fishing story waiting to happen.