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Solitude's Crack Back PMD - PMD (3-Pack)


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Solitude Crack Back PMD: The Ultimate Emerger for PMD Hatches

Unlock the secret to unmatched success during Pale Morning Dun (PMD) hatches with the Solitude Crack Back PMD. This ingeniously designed emerger pattern is a game-changer on waters teeming with PMDs, perfectly timed to match one of the most prolific and eagerly anticipated hatch periods.

Precision-Engineered for Realism

The Crack Back PMD stands apart with its meticulous construction, designed to mimic the delicate first stages of an emerging PMD adult. A blend of mallard flank for the tail and legs, combined with a beautifully ribbed ostrich body, provides the lifelike appearance and movement essential for fooling discerning trout. The split wing case is the crowning feature, accurately depicting the emergent stage of the PMD, inviting strikes from even the most cautious of fish.

Tailored for PMD Hatches

The Solitude Crack Back PMD is precisely sized to match the natural PMD emergers found on rivers and streams. This attention to detail ensures that your fly not only looks the part but also performs with the subtlety and finesse required to capitalize on this significant hatch.

A Must-Have for Selective Trout

During a PMD hatch, when trout become particularly selective, having a fly that can seamlessly blend into the natural hatch is crucial. The Crack Back PMD emerger is that fly. Its authentic silhouette and movement patterns make it an irresistible target for trout keyed in on emerging PMDs, offering anglers a significant advantage during these peak fishing times.

Elevate Your Hatch Matching Game

The Solitude Crack Back PMD is not just a fly; it's your secret weapon for the PMD hatch season. Whether you're a seasoned angler with years of experience or someone looking to refine their hatch matching techniques, this fly promises to deliver unparalleled realism and effectiveness. Add the Crack Back PMD to your fly box and experience the thrill of fishing with a pattern that turns anticipation into action, and strikes into memorable catches.