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Scientific Anglers Magnitude Infinity Salt Textured Clear Fly Line

Full Clear
Translucent Aqua / 12' Clear Tip

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SA Magnitude Infinity Salt Textured Clear Fly Line & Clear Tip

Introducing the Scientific Anglers Magnitude Textured Infinity Salt Clear Floating Fly Line, the epitome of innovation in clear floating lines designed specifically for saltwater anglers. Crafted with naturally buoyant polymers, this next-generation fly line offers unparalleled clarity and buoyancy, ensuring stealthy presentations and precise tracking of the fly in any conditions.

**Clear Floating Technology:** Engineered with advanced clear floating technology, this fly line features a 12' clear floating tip option that allows anglers to track the fly with precision, enhancing visibility and control. With a full clear floating line, it offers the ultimate stealthy presentation, perfect for targeting saltwater species.

**Enhanced Performance:** Enhanced with EST+ slickness additive, this fly line delivers unmatched durability, smoother shooting, and eco-friendly performance. Its advanced formulation reduces friction, enabling longer casts with ease while maintaining superior control and accuracy.

**Shooting Texture:** The innovative shooting texture reduces friction, allowing for longer casts with less effort. This feature ensures optimal line management and control, enhancing casting distance and accuracy, even in challenging saltwater environments.

**Overweighted Design:** Overweighted by a 1/2 size, this fly line loads rods quickly and efficiently, providing the power and control needed for accurate casts at distance. Its extended head length ensures precision and accuracy, making it ideal for targeting saltwater species in a variety of conditions.

**Versatile Application:** The perfect choice for saltwater anglers targeting a wide range of species, including bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook, redfish, and more. Whether you're casting on the flats, in mangroves, or along the coast, this fly line is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning anglers.

**Quality Construction:** Crafted with precision and care, this fly line is built to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, season after season, making it the perfect companion for anglers who demand the best.

Elevate your saltwater fishing experience with the Scientific Anglers Magnitude Textured Infinity Salt Clear Floating Fly Line. Designed for precision, performance, and versatility, this fly line is the perfect choice for anglers seeking success on the open water.