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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth MPX Fly Line

Optic Green/Moss/Buckskin

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SA Amplitude Smooth MPX Fly Line

Discover the pinnacle of smooth fly line performance with the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth MPX Fly Line. As part of the renowned Amplitude Smooth series, this line sets a new standard in fly fishing, offering unparalleled casting ability, durability, and presentation quality that will revolutionize your approach on the water.

**Revolutionary AST Plus Slickness Additive:** Featuring the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive, the Amplitude Smooth MPX Fly Line delivers superior shooting ability and increased durability. Enjoy effortless casts and precise presentations, even in the most demanding fishing conditions.

**Enhanced Presentation:** Built a half-size heavy, the MPX taper starts where the GPX left off, with more mass toward the front of the head. This design provides the same power as the GPX but with added emphasis on presentation, offering anglers an ideal balance of power and finesse for maximum versatility.

**Versatile Performance:** The Amplitude Smooth MPX is an excellent general-presentation line suitable for a wide range of species including trout, panfish, bass, grayling, and carp. It's also effective for steelhead, salmon, and pike, making it a versatile choice for anglers pursuing various freshwater and saltwater species.

**Optimized for Various Rod Actions:** Made a half-size heavy to load fast-action rods, the MPX also performs well with a variety of rod actions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance regardless of your setup.

**Ideal for Various Fly Types:** Best suited for large dry flies, nymphs, and streamers, the MPX is designed to handle a variety of fly fishing scenarios with ease, providing anglers with the versatility needed to adapt to changing conditions on the water.

**Suitable for Moderate and Cold Climates:** Designed for use in moderate and cold climates, the MPX is engineered to perform reliably in a range of weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance when you need it most.

Elevate your fly fishing experience with the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth MPX Fly Line. Whether you're targeting trout in a mountain stream or casting for bass on a lake, this line is your new best friend on the water. Experience the difference in performance and durability with Scientific Anglers' Amplitude Smooth series.