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Orvis Pro Upland Vest

Blaze Armadillo

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Orvis Pro Upland Vest

The PRO Upland Vest is the ultimate hunting strap vest, allowing you a level of ranginess previously afforded to only big-going gundogs. This is your all-day, far-from-the-truck hunt vest that acts more like a pack. We’ve built upon the original PRO Hunt Vest with key insights from both guides and wild-eyed upland fanatics, starting with a full-wrap, expedition-style lumbar that easily adjusts for a custom fit and distributes the lion’s share of the weight across your hips. A sturdy SR buckle at the front keeps it secure. From there, the deep, 2L shell pockets slide on the lumbar’s belt with internal shell loops, fast-flip magnetic closures, and a snap for heightened security. Each shell pocket also features a secondary outer zip pocket sized for phones, keys, or an energy bar, and PALS-compliant webbing to the side that accepts the attachment of whatever add-ons you deem critical. A padded, adjustable yoke cushions the load while walking, while low-pro shoulder straps offer unencumbered ambidextrous gun mounting. Naturally, each shoulder strap is also easily adjustable, joined by a sternum strap to dial in fit, and includes webbing attachment loops for quickly referencing your GPS or your dog’s handheld. A highly breathable, coated-mesh upper back panel increases air circulation—a welcome refinement on those warm-weather hunts or when toiling in the chukar rimrock—and these are just the comfort features. Space-wise, it’s unrivaled starting with a 22L gamebag. Two mesh side pockets ride outside each hip, canted slightly forward for easy access to water bottles without tweaking your shoulders. Hidden between the massive gamebag and roomy zippered rear pocket that also houses both an internal drop pocket and zippered stash zone, you’ll find a vertical quick-stash zippered pocket perfect for stuffing that vest or softshell into instead of the gamebag filled with feathers and bird gack. A quick-release G-clip attaches the game bag to the yoke for easy cleanout. The zippered rear pocket also features an upper zippered zone we’ve lined with tricot to protect sunglass lenses and phones. With almost 35L of storage capacity and unrivaled comfort, the PRO Upland Vest is the most forward-thinking upland vest available today with a notably convenient upgrade: It’s somehow sleeker than the original.

With almost 35L of storage capacity, the ultimate vest for all-day hunts
Custom fit, with weight distributed to hips from a full-wrap, adjustable expedition-style lumbar
Sliding 2L shell pockets with internal shell loops, fast-flip magnetic closures and a button snap
Shell pocket also features a secondary outer zip pocket and PALS-compliant webbing
Heavy loads cushioned by the padded, adjustable yoke
Unencumbered gun mounting from low-pro shoulder straps
Dialed-in fit from quick-adjust shoulder and sternum strap with webbing attachment loops
Increased air circulation from a highly breathable, coated-mesh upper back panel
Massive 22L gamebag
Ergonomic water bottle access from dual mesh side pockets
Zippered rear pocket with both an internal drop pocket, zippered stash zone, and secondary, tricot-lined, upper mini zip pocket
Vertical quick-stash zippered pocket between game bag and rear pocket
Easy cleanout from a quick-release G-clip attaches the game bag to the yoke
Two sizes, SM/M and L/XL, with blaze and non-blaze color options - Blaze coverage: 383 sq/in


Available in SM/M and L/XL.