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Monic Trout Master Fly Line

Olive / Tan / Aqua

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Monic Trout Master Fly Line

Introducing the Trout Master fly line, the perfect choice for any angler seeking a top-of-the-line trout-specific taper. Designed to make casting a breeze in even the toughest conditions, this line features a front-loaded design that allows for easy shooting of line when long casts are necessary or when windy conditions are a hindrance.

Thanks to its more aggressive nature, the Trout Master is excellent for turning over heavy nymph indicator rigs and streamers, while still allowing for delicate dry fly and dry-dropper presentations. The increased mass in the initial belly portion of the head allows for more efficient casts at close range, while the extended middle belly section and rear taper allow for longer, more accurate casts and more effective mending at longer distances.

With the Trout Master's new color transitions, anglers can visibly see the taper transitions for easier casting on the water. The green color marks the front head of the taper, grey shows the middle belly and rear taper, and the running line is shown with the light blue color.

The Trout Master utilizes our supple and relaxed braided fiber core with a low-to-moderate stretch rating that gives the angler some shock absorbing properties and the ability to stretch the line by hand for relaxation, while still allowing for lower effort hooksets. The core holds zero-reel memory, making for a fly line that remains relaxed even while fishing in below-freezing temperatures.

Our Trout Master coating was designed to perform at a high level in all four seasons. The advanced coating blend remains supple in colder temperatures while avoiding tack or stickiness during the warmer summer months or in tropical environments. The plastics involved are 100% naturally buoyant, creating a high-floating fly line that will not begin to sink over time.

Thanks to our proprietary STS slickness technology, the Trout Master boasts an extremely low friction surface that shoots through rod guides like a dream but will not dissipate or migrate out of the plastic during the life of the line. This means your line will cast the same seasons later as it did right out of the package, even if fished in hard saltwater environments.

And with our non-PVC coating, you can expect 2-3 times the lifespan compared to a traditional PVC-based fly line. All Trout Master lines are a half size above the AFFTA standards, giving you more flexibility and customization options for your rod and fishing style.