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Fishpond Nomad Hand Net

Salty Camo

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Fishpond Nomad Hand Net: Engineered for Optimal Performance

Discover the Fishpond Nomad Hand Net, the original innovation designed to meet the needs of serious anglers. This hand net is the culmination of practical design and advanced materials, crafted to provide an exceptional tool for all types of fishing. Ideal for those who demand efficiency and reliability from their gear, the Nomad Hand Net is a must-have for any fishing excursion.

Lightweight Durability

Constructed from a carbon fiber and fiberglass composite, the Nomad Hand Net offers an unmatched combination of lightness and strength. This high-quality build ensures that the net can endure the diverse conditions encountered in great fishing spots without succumbing to wear and tear. Its lightweight nature allows for easy handling and maneuverability, crucial during the delicate moments of landing a catch.

Designed for the Elements

Fully waterproof and weatherproof, the Nomad Hand Net is built to perform under any conditions. It's UV protected to maintain its integrity and appearance after long periods in the sun. Additionally, it boasts excellent buoyancy thanks to its innovative materials and construction, ensuring it won't sink if dropped in water, but rather float conveniently within reach.

Practical and Convenient Features

The Nomad Hand Net is thoughtfully designed with a large basket, measuring 13" x 18", and a bag depth of 12" — perfect for securely scooping up your catch, big or small. Its total length of 26 inches and weight of just 400 grams (.88 lbs) make it highly manageable. The net also features a clear rubber net bag that is gentle on fish, promoting sustainable catch-and-release fishing.

Secure and Ready

Equipped with a short handle, cord, and clip combination, the Nomad Hand Net stays securely positioned behind your back when not in use. This setup ensures that it is always handy and ready for action, without interfering with your movement or fishing technique.

Matte Finish for a Sleek Look

Finished with a matte texture, the net not only performs well but also looks great. This finish helps reduce glare, a thoughtful touch that can make all the difference on sunny days.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Material: Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Composite
  • Basket Dimensions: 13" x 18"
  • Bag Depth: 12"
  • Total Length: 26"
  • Weight: 400g or .88lbs
  • Features: Waterproof, Weatherproof, Buoyant, UV Protected, Clear Rubber Net Bag, Matte Finish

The Fishpond Nomad Hand Net represents a perfect fusion of form and function, designed for anglers who do not compromise on quality and efficiency. Whether you are wading nearby rivers or venturing into untamed waters, this hand net is your reliable partner, ready to secure your next great catch.