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Abel SDS - Underwood Fly Reel

Underwood Tailing Bonefish
Underwood Slammin Black
Underwood Slammin Deep Blue
Underwood Slammin Slate
Underwood Slammin Teal
Underwood Black Moondance

If you would like to include backing on your reel, please let us know what type.

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Abel SDS Underwood Fly Reels: Art Meets Angling Excellence

Discover the Abel SDS Underwood Fly Reels, where groundbreaking performance meets stunning visual artistry. These exceptional reels, a collaboration between Abel and famed artist Casey Underwood, feature intricate designs that bring the spirit of the wild into the palm of your hand. Perfect for the discerning angler who appreciates both aesthetic beauty and top-tier functionality, these reels are designed to tackle the most challenging saltwater gamefish.

Engineered for Unmatched Performance

The Abel SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) Underwood series is built to perform in the toughest saltwater conditions. It harnesses a powerful sealed drag system that offers up to 20+ pounds of braking power, allowing anglers to confidently handle hard-pulling species like tarpon and tuna. Made from 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum, the reel frame, spool, drag knob, and foot are crafted for superior strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

Exquisite Underwood Artistry

Each reel in the Underwood series showcases Casey Underwood's exclusive artwork, beautifully rendered on the reel’s surface. These designs are more than just decorative—they celebrate the connection between the angler and the aquatic environment, featuring motifs that resonate with any outdoor enthusiast. This series elevates your gear to a piece of collectible art, with each reel laser etched at Abel’s facility.

Advanced Features for Serious Anglers

The SDS Underwood reels come equipped with an alternating stacked carbon composite and stainless steel disc drag system, providing precise drag settings and smooth, reliable performance. The quick-change spool and user-convertible retrieval direction offer added convenience, catering to anglers who demand versatility and efficiency from their equipment.

Made in the USA

Like all Abel products, the SDS Underwood Fly Reels are proudly made in the USA, adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. This commitment to excellence ensures that every reel not only looks fantastic but stands up to the rigors of serious saltwater fishing.

The Abel SDS Underwood Fly Reels are more than just fishing tools—they are a fusion of fine art and high functionality that any angler would be proud to own and use. Ideal for those who seek to combine their passion for fishing with their appreciation for art, these reels promise to enhance your fishing experience with every cast.

Also, please take into consideration that colors can vary from mobile phones, computer monitors and cameras when viewing a custom fish graphic picture on our website.At Fin & Fire, we try to represent the truest rendering of these reel colors and use reel graphics take directly from Abel Reel’s website unless the images are shot on location.

If you purchase backing, at the time of the reel [11/12 only] purchase, we will create a "Bimini Knot" to connect the backing to the fly line.

If you prefer a different knot you must include those specific details in the checkout note section. Please be aware this may delay the shipment of the reel.

Custom colors in the Slammin can be ordered.  Please call us or email for additional details.