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Abel Vaya Fly Reel - Custom - On The Hunt - Slate Gray

On The Hunt | Slate Gray with Walnut Handle

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Abel Vaya Custom Fly Reel: The Essence of Adventure in Every Cast

Embark on your next fishing journey with the Abel Vaya Custom Fly Reel, a marvel of modern reel technology and artistic craftsmanship. Designed by passionate anglers in Colorado, the Vaya series is not just a tool; it's an invitation to explore the vast and vibrant world of angling. From the tranquil freshwaters to the challenging light saltwater environments, the Vaya is your ultimate companion, ensuring every adventure is rewarding.

Artfully Engineered for Peak Performance

The Vaya's partially-ported frame is a testament to Abel's commitment to innovation, offering a stellar balance of minimal weight and maximum rigidity. This design not only enhances the reel's structural integrity but also provides just enough surface area to showcase Abel’s renowned hand-anodized finishes. Inside, the frame is adorned with CNC-milled fly patterns, each set uniquely corresponding to the reel size, adding a personalized touch that resonates with the angler's specific fishing environments.

Precision and Power

The Vaya features a large-arbor spool designed for efficiency and performance. The spool eliminates the need for a counterweight thanks to its precision-balanced, dual-pawl drag engagement design. This system ensures a mechanical incoming click that perfectly complements the audible satisfaction of the smooth, outgoing drag. Whether you are casting lines in quiet freshwater or battling the currents of the sea, the Vaya’s drag system, with its 5-disc alternating carbon/stainless steel stack, offers substantial resistance and a broad adjustability range, protecting even the most delicate tippet.

Designed for the Discerning Angler

Every aspect of the Vaya speaks to the needs of the discerning angler. Its quick-change spool design features a proven O-ring release, allowing for fast and hassle-free adjustments on the water. Additionally, the user-convertible retrieval system adds an element of versatility, catering to both left and right-hand anglers with equal ease.

Lightweight, Durable, and Distinctly Beautiful

Crafted with an eye for beauty and a hand for relentless durability, the Abel Vaya is as much a work of art as it is a fishing essential. Its visually stunning frame not only captures the essence of the fly fishing spirit but also stands up to the rigors of varied aquatic environments.

Made in the USA, the Abel Vaya Custom Fly Reel embodies the spirit of adventure and the precision of expert engineering. Whether you're gearing up for a serene day on the lake or a rigorous challenge on the coast, the Vaya is designed to inspire and empower every angler to "Go" - go outside, go explore, go fishing!

Like any work of art, Abel Reels are hand painted master pieces and can vary ever so slightly from one beautiful reel to another.Also, please take into consideration that colors can vary from mobile phones, computer monitors and cameras when viewing a custom fish graphic picture on our website.
At Fin & Fire, we try to represent the truest rendering of these reel colors and use reel graphics take directly from Abel Reel’s website.