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March 26, 2024 3 min read

Revolutionizing the Fly Fishing Game: A First-Hand Experience with SA Magnitude Lines

March in Fort Myers, Florida, painted the perfect backdrop for a fly fishing adventure that promised to be anything but ordinary. Teaming up with a long-time guide and legendary casting instructor Leslie Holmes and G. Loomis Regional Rep Jacob Zirkle, the stage was set to test the much-anticipated 12' clear tip SA Magnitude Saltwater Infinity line and SA Magnitude Smooth Tarpon line with a group of G Loomis fly rods. With a clear tip stretching 12 feet, this line promised to revolutionize our fly fishing experience when fishing clear tropical water to spooky fish.

Arriving in Florida between two cold fronts, not ideal but we found our window – three full days to push these lines to their limits.

Fresh out of the box, the Magnitude lines were a sight to behold. Coil-free and incredibly slick to the touch, their quality was undeniable and there was no need to stretch the line prior to casting them to fish. Even on a flats boat deck, which was slightly chilled by the spring air and water temperatures hovering in the low 70's, these lines promised an unmatched experience. The real magic happened when we paired the 8 weight Infinity line and a G Loomis Swim Fly fly rod as well as the 10 & 11 weight Tarpon line on the NRX+ TS2 fly rod. . It was a match made in angling heaven, enabling us to cast with precision and power, reaching a variety of species with an accuracy that felt almost effortless.

But it wasn't just about the ease of use. The additional 12 feet of clear line afforded us an unprecedented level of stealth, allowing us to approach even the most cautious of fish with a predator's grace. The added distance of 20-24 feet [10-12 of fluorocarbon leaders] of near invisibility was a game-changer, transforming our fishing strategy and effectiveness.

The lines stayed buoyant, riding high on the water's surface, which was an added bonus for us. This feature enabled us to "quietly" lift the line from the water with minimal disturbance, a crucial advantage when we needed to swiftly redirect a cast to a fish that had unpredictably altered its course at the last moment.

Initially skeptical of the $149.95 price tag of the SA Magnitude Saltwater 12' clear tip fly lines, by the end of our journey, any doubts had been dispelled. The Magnitude lines proved themselves as not just an upgrade but a leap forward from the SA Amplitude lines and Rio Elite fly lines we had previously favored.

The secret to the Magnitude line's success lies in its groundbreaking technology. With three years in development, over 2500 hours of field testing, 16 iterations of material packages, and eight different variations of slickness formulas, it's clear that no stone was left unturned in their creation. DuraCoat technology, with its advanced dual-polymer design, optimizes line stiffness, abrasion resistance, and slickness. The core is wrapped in a supple material that minimizes memory and enhances adhesion, while the outer layer's robust composition significantly boosts slickness and abrasion resistance.

Enhanced with EST+ slickness additive, the Magnitude lines offer unmatched durability, smoother shooting, and an eco-friendly performance that's hard to find elsewhere. The use of naturally buoyant polymers has birthed a new generation of clear floating lines, including options for a 12' clear floating tip or a full clear floating line for ultimate stealth.

Designed half a size heavy to manage large flies on windy days, and with an extended head length for accuracy at a distance, these lines are not just a new product. They represent a new era in saltwater fly line technology, making the age-old headaches associated with clear lines a thing of the past.

Our experience in Fort Myers with the SA Magnitude Saltwater Infinity line was more than just a product test; it was a revelation. The lines didn't just meet our expectations; they shattered them, offering a glimpse into the future of fly fishing. In this new era, armed with the Magnitude lines, we're not just fishing; we're engaging in an art form, where every cast is a testament to the innovation and dedication of those who refuse to settle for anything less than perfection.

Here is what Leslie Holmes had to say about these lines. "Absolutely outstanding Fly line, no memory, stays super slick in water temperatures from 64 degrees to our highest on the water temperatures of 76.77. I have no doubt it will excel at higher temperatures. Performance was spectacular, and [the] minimal line memory blew me away. Only adjustment I would suggest is for Tarpon on the beach, maybe an adjustment to the main head body to a sky blue or light tan color as an aid to make it more visible for guides to see.
Fantastic product, love it" "They're on my Skiffs"!!

Paul Collinsworth
Paul Collinsworth

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