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For many years, the fly fishing world was dominated by Beige fishing vests, 9' 5wt. rods and Pflueger Medalists. It was a simple time in a simple world. There wasn't really much of a push to move the needle forward. Fly fishing looked a certain way. Fly fishing was comfortable.

Anglers were implicitly guided in a direction of sameness and conformity. Cast 10 O' Clock to 2 O' Clock dry fly only. Make sure to cast upstream with the dry fly or swing downstream with a wet fly. This was a long and placid period in flyfishing. Many anglers were very good at what they did and became legends in the sport.

Sometime in the recent past, things changed. It would be hard to pinpoint the exact day the Age of Conformity passed the torch to The Age of Individuality in flyfishing circles but it would be fair to say that the change is accelerating and that social media helps fuel the pace.

One of the major changes in flyfishing is the explosion of new product. For many, casting a dry fly upstream will always be the foundation of the sport. For others, swinging a wet fly is the bee's knees. But like the culture around them, expressing personality and individuality is a real thing. Sociologists describe this as tribalism. Fly fishing brands constantly drive to create strong tribes and loyalty to the newly created tribes. This is pure business. Create a new or better way to do something will give your customers the edge and standing in their tribe. It's no surprise less angler's seem satisfied with the 9' 5wt. Fenwick Glass rod, Medalist and Tan Columbia fishing vest. Despite their unquestioned functionality and purpose they do little to establish the Individuality that many yearn for.

As products evolve so do customers and the fly shops that serve them. Three of the major additions to the fly fishing scene are Trout Spey, Single Hand Spey and Euro-Nymphing. We have awesome Rod and Reel Packages available to rent for anyone that would like to try these increasingly popular styles of fly fishing.

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The fastest growing and most productive technique to hit the Northwest in the last few years is Euro Nymphing. Although there have been many other forms of tightline nymphing on the scene, Euro Nymphing is now the Reel Deal and it's here to stay. If you haven't tried it, put down the tan fishing vest and the Fenwick for a bit to give it a whirl. You will feel extremely connected to the fly and the fish and you will immediately see why its so popular. ITS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! With our rental package you can see if you enjoy catching a lot of fish or you would prefer to catch less.

We offer a Redington Hydrogen 10' 3wt. Euro Rod with a Redington Rise Reel and a RIO FIPS Euro Line and Rio Euro Leader. This Euro Rod Package rate is $25.00 per day or $100.00 for the week. If you love the Euro Game as much as many who try it you can apply the rental fee to a purchase within a month.

Do You Even Spey Bro?

As Northwesterners rightfully fell in love with the Spey game and steelhead it took a bit for the Spey game to transfer to the trout world. Spey fishing for trout IS FUN! Now, the "body count" will never match the incredible numbers we will see in the Euro game but the FUN FACTOR is off the charts. Working down a run swinging a sculpin anticipating the huge eat from a feisty redside or tanker brown will keep you coming back for more.

We rent a Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey 11'6" 4wt perfectly matched with a Rise reel and a Skagit Head. This set-up is perfect for throwing weighted sink-tips and heavy flies and can reach out and touch the other bank. This is also $25.00 per day or $100.00.

Go Commando?

Maybe you have an older rod sitting on the sidelines or you have seen the awesome videos produced by OPST (Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics) on YouTube. Fishing a short Commando Head on a single-hand rod can turn your vanilla single hand rod into a flavorful treat that allows you to reach distances with ease and style. Throw a streamer 60 feet with no room to backcast. No sweat.

We have a sweet Redington Crux 9' 6" 6wt paired with a Rise reel and the OPST Commando head with OPST Lazar Line. This little number is here to help you find out for yourself how fun and productive it is to hit spots that no one else has dared to try. If you haven't tried this with a floating tip and a Chubby Chernobyl during the Deschutes Salmonfly Hatch you are missing out. It would be akin to Tiger not bringing his trusty Driver to Augusta. This also is available for $25.00 per day and $100.00 per week.

Local from Browntown caught on Fin & Fire rental rod.
Paul Snowbeck
Paul Snowbeck

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