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Oregon's Beulah Rods meet Oregon Bully


Every once in a while you come across a product that is unique in its ability to blend all-around performance and value. The Beulah Guide Series II is one of the few fly rods that find the sweet spot.

There are many exceptional rods on the market in 2020. Some of these rods are what we call "Rocket-Launchers". The Sage X, Scott Radian and the Orvis Helios 3D come to mind. These rods help the caster create high-line speeds and are exceptionally accurate at many distances. On the other hand, there are some rods that are short- range sniper tools that are exceptionally accurate to a point and do a great job in protecting light tippet but fall short when it comes to throwing the Long Bomb. The Winston Pure, Scott G Series and Sage LL fall in this category. All of these rods are priced over $700 and do their stated job very well. Every rod listed are the Stars of their Team.

No team excels with an endless cast of highly-paid superstars waiting for their shot at glory. Most teams depend on the character guy with guts, heart and plenty of ability to kick butt when called upon. The Beulah Guide Series II is that guy. At $350, his contract is respectable but doesn't make the owner nervous. Most importantly, he's there for you when you need him or when the star goes down with injury.

Meat Eater Bow on the Beulah Guide Series II


The Beulah Guide Series comes in weights 3 thru 7, with a 9 and 10 footer in the Big Boy 7 weight. All Guide Series rods are designed here in Oregon by the great folks at Beulah and built overseas. Workmanship is solid and the attractive Dark Olive blanks fit perfectly in the freshwater world.

The 3 wt. is the perfect small stream rod. From throwing dries on the Crooked or the Upper Deschutes between Crane Prairie and Lava Lake for brookies, the 3wt. Guide Series is going to be like the old labrador that travels with you everywhere. For some off the beaten path waters, look to the West side of the Cascades that drain the McKenize, Upper Willamette and the Santiam drainages. It's as much fun as you can have standing up. A Rio Gold or the Scientific Angler (SA) Trout Taper will match up nicely with the rod and provide the delicate touch required.

Small ball paradise.


The 9' 4wt. is the dry fly enthusiast rod of choice in Central Oregon.

From tossing Blue-Winged Olives on the Metolius or Fall River, to a great all-around rod for the Crooked, the 4wt. will provide just enough power to throw small nymph rigs and small buggers. Overall, consider this the light tippet tool to fool nice trout under delicate circumstances. Many Owyhee browns have been on the losing end of the 4wt. The Rio Gold or the SA Trout and SA Infinity lines will make this rod really sing.

The Infamous "O"


The 30.06 of the Beulah Guide Series is the 9' 5wt. With this rod, we are now playing ball on the Lower Deschutes.

As the most versatile rod in the series, the 5 wt. is happy throwing attractor dries, weighted nymph rigs and smallish streamers. This rod will be right at home in summer on the Lower D come early mornings and evenings when fat redsides slurp caddis in the low light. Rods get tested quick with the rapid burst of speed a redside exhibits once fooled. The forgiving flex pattern on this rod will help you keep Mr. Redside buttoned. Green Drakes hatching on the Metolius in June? The 5 wt will get the job done.

Don't hesitate to turn this rod into your stillwater rod for East Lake, Hosmer or Lava. Whether its throwing ants in summer, Callibaetis dries or wind-drifting a leech, the Beulah Guide Series II has enough guts to trade jabs with fish pushing past the 20" mark on the Measure Net. If the rod is mainly to be used for throwing small dries consider the Rio Gold or the SA Trout Taper. If you plan on using the 5 wt. as the all-around weapon, consider the Rio Grand or the SA Infinity or SA MPX.

Guide Series II from Beulah making a guest appearance at Brown Town


Now if casting small dries "sounds like fun" but tossing junk for predatory fish really gets the juices flowing, it's the 6 wt. that you might want to consider.

The 9' 6 wt. is an awesome nymphing stick for the Lower D and can toss Purple Chubby Chernobyl's under overhanging bushes with the best of them. Like the 5 wt., this is a great all-around rod and makes up half of a nice quiver if you like to fish a 4 wt. for most of your dry fly fishing. The fun with this rod doesn't end on the Lower Deschutes however. The 6 wt. is an excellent streamer rod perfect for throwing some junk on East Lake for Fall Browns. How about tossing wind-resistant poppers for Smallmouth on the John Day River? Yes. Please.

The Rio Grand and SA Infinity or MPX tapers match up with the 6 wt. for everyday scenarios. If you plan on mostly lobbing some indicator rigs on the Deschutes, try the Rio Xtreme Indicator or SA Anadro line. For streamer fishing, the Rio Streamer Tip or Outbound Short will huck with the best. And last but not least, if this will be your Salmonfly Hatch W.M.D. look no further than the SA Titan Taper Long.

Alaskan Steel Served Up Hot & Fresh


Summer Steelhead on a 7wt. Single Hand Rod.

Metolius Bull Trout measured in double digit pounds.

Wickiup Reservoir trout prowling the margins for baifish.

Davis Lake Bucketmouths cleaning the surface of Kermit the Frog.

A late Summer or Fall trip to the Yellowstone River or Alaska.

The 7 wt. Beulah Guide Series rods are made for big business.

Whether you like to toss Junk-in-the-Trunk Indicator rigs, huck Small Squirrels tied from rabbit and marabou or Strip/Swing for predators, the 9' 7wt and the 10' 7wt are ready for battle. The 9 ft' 7 wt is the all-around performer and is more flexible than the 10 footer. If there was such thing as a 6.5 weight this would fit in that category effectively bridging the gap between 6 and 7wt.'s. The longer stick gets the nod for the Big River Nympher that has the mend down cold and provides more power.

A great nymph line for these rods is the SA Anadro with Honorable Mention to the Rio Xtreme Indicator. Streamer fishing with the big stuff is best with the Rio Outbound Short and Honorable Mention to the SA Titan Taper. If you swing flies for summer steelhead, pair this one up with an OPST Commando Head of 250 grains and the OPST Lazar line.

Let us know if you have any questions. The Beulah Guide Series II will not disappoint.

Mark Motsko going Full Bend with his 6wt. Guide Series
Paul Snowbeck
Paul Snowbeck

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