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Whether it’s your own knowledge or someone who you rely on, the more informed and prepared you are, the better the outcome will be. That’s where Fin & Fire’s guides and instructors excel. We are a group of veteran anglers who live fly fishing. Collectively, our guide staff has decades of fishing and guiding experience under their belts. Spending time with us is much more than trying to catch a fish. It’s about learning the area, it’s about becoming a better angler, it’s about laughing and smiling and it’s about having an unforgettable experience.

Central Oregon offers a stunning backdrop to pursue our Trout and seasonal Steelhead. Feel confident and comfortable spending time on the water with our seasoned guides who have an intimate knowledge of our waters and the fish that are the reason we’re there. Fin & Fire has the ability to cater our classes and trips to accommodate the rank beginner all the way to the world-traveling, expert level angler. No matter your experience level, let Fin & Fire show you our waters through our eyes. That’s called Local’s Knowledge, and there’s nothing that can beat that!

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Guide Services

Private Lakes

Rainbow Trout | Largemouth Bass

We have access to 35 private lakes offering rainbow trout and largemouth bass throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. These lakes are an excellent way to almost guarantee success while fishing. They are a great way to introduce the beginner to the joys of fly fishing and an opportunity for the experienced angler to hone their skills with willing fish. We also have the ability to select lakes that match your expectations…catch lots of fish? You bet! Just catch big fish? No problem! Our guides offer help for the novice all the way to advanced techniques for the seasoned veteran. Adding a guide means they’re cooking lunch for you, too! Lodging options at, or very near, the lakes are also available. Call or email for fishing and lodging availability.

Unguided Fishing: $125/angler/day
1 angler: $125 2 anglers: $250 3 anglers: $375 4 anglers: $500
Guided Fishing: additional $250/up to 2 anglers/8 hour day
1 angler: $375 2 anglers: $500 3 anglers: $875 4 anglers: $1000


River Flows

Lower Deschutes River

Steelhead | Redband Trout | Native Whitefish

With access to the lower 100 miles of the world-famous Deschutes River, Fin & Fire specializes in the upper half of the lower river from Warm Springs to Harpham Flats. Depending on the season, we offer partial day walk-in trips and single or multi-day float trips for trout and/or steelhead. The lower Deschutes is a unique fishery because fishing is not permitted from the boat. Because of this, we operate spacious, comfortable 17’ drift boats for you to enjoy the float down this beautiful desert canyon. Our guides are seasoned professionals with an intimate knowledge of the river and surroundings. It’s not uncommon to start your trip with a guide and finish with a new friend. Excellent meals are a part of the full or multi-day trips. Fin & Fire provides rods, reels, waders and boots as part of your trip. Leave your gear at home knowing you’ll have the industry’s best available to you. Our rental fleet includes Simms, Sage, Winston, Beulah, Orvis, Lamson and more. Because we are required to have our feet on the ground to fish the Deschutes, anglers are required to be mobile and in fair health.

½ Day Trip (walk and wade or cocktail float)
1 or 2 anglers: $400
1 Day Guided Fishing Trip: (max 3 anglers/boat)
1 or 2 anglers: $550 3 anglers: $645
Multi-day Trips: (minimum 2 anglers)
Multi-day Trips: (minimum 4 anglers)


River Flows

Crooked River

Redband Trout | Native Whitefish

The Crooked River is the most user-friendly water we have in Central Oregon. Fin & Fire is one of only a handful of outfitters allowed to guide this High Desert gem. We fish year-round about 8 miles of the river right below Prineville Reservoir and Bowman Dam. This area is designated a National Wild & Scenic Area with breathtaking wildlife and landscapes. By offering half-day trips, the Crooked is a wonderful choice to try fly fishing for the first time without committing to an all-day affair. If targeting thousands of rainbow trout and whitefish per mile in a small stream environment is your thing, we can guide you in an all-day affair that will leave even the most jaded veteran with a huge grin. Because of the river’s small size, these trips require walk and wade fishing so decent mobility and good stamina are required. The Crooked is a great way to introduce kids of all ages to fly fishing, we just ask that children be interested in learning and old enough to pay attention for several hours. Fin & Fire provides rods, reels, waders and boots as part of your trip. Leave your gear at home knowing you’ll have the industry’s best available to you. Our rental fleet includes Simms, Sage, Winston, Beulah, Orvis, Lamson and more. We provide a light snack and bottled water on half-day trips and a full lunch on all-day trips.

½ Day Trips: (max 4 clients/guide)
1 or 2 anglers: $350 3 anglers: $405 4 anglers: $460
Full Day Trips: (max 4 clients/guide)
1 or 2 anglers: $450 3 anglers: $525 4 anglers: $600

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Hosted Trips


Trophy Rainbow Trout | Dolly Varden | Steelhead | Coho Salmon

If Alaska isn’t on your bucket list, it should be! From its sheer size and beauty to its untamed wilderness and rivers; anyone who enjoys the outdoors needs to visit at least once in their life. For fisherman, it is the Promised Land. Fin & Fire is fortunate to have a born and raised Alaskan fisherman and a grizzled Alaskan guide on-staff who know its waters intimately. Every Fall in late September, we offer an Alaskan fishing adventure that won’t break the bank. Fishing the famed Kenai Peninsula with the area’s best guides for trophy rainbow trout, dolly varden, and steelhead are what this trip is about! The upper and middle Kenai River, the Russian River, Anchor River, and Deep Creek are just a few of the waters at our rod tips. With limited space available for this trip, it is best to book early in the year. Call or email for more details!

9 Day/8 Night Trip with 7 Days Fishing: Less than $4000

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Fly Fishing Classes

Fly Fishing 101

This hands-on, non-angling class is designed to teach you all the basics of fly fishing. Explaining the gear needed to fly fish, over-hand and roll cast, knots, where fish live and why, the insects we imitate (entomology) and how to choose the appropriate flies are just a few of the topics we cover. The class gets you 2-3 years of fooling around on your own in about 2 hours of time. We prefer holding the class in the morning time and in pleasant weather. This class is by appointment, so call or email for availability.



Trout School 101

Trout School 101 is designed for the person who has never fly fished or the novice fly angler with very little knowledge of fly fishing. It incorporates everything taught in the Fly Fishing 101 class but includes on-the-water fishing time on the Crooked River. This class is a great option for the family, corporate groups looking for a ½ day activity, or for individuals looking for a great learning experience. All needed gear and a light snack is provided. This class is by appointment only, please call or email for availability.

1 or 2 anglers: $350
3 anglers:
4 anglers:
$460 (max 4 students/instructor)


Trout School 2.0

There’s a saying that 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish. If you want to be one of the 10%, then this class is for you. Trout School 2.0 caters to the intermediate fly angler looking to up their game. This student has basic fly angling skills and a decent grasp of fly fishing concepts, but wants to take their knowledge and skill set to the next level. Our instructors share their extensive knowledge and fishing know-how in an on-the-water setting. The instructor will be actively showing techniques, explaining the importance of them, and helping you put this knowledge to practical use. This can either be a ½ day or a full day class on the Deschutes or Crooked Rivers, or incorporated into a guided fishing trip. Because of the amount of information being taught and the focus needed to get the most out of this class, there is a maximum of 2 anglers per instructor. All needed gear can be provided, but it’s best to learn with your own equipment.

½ Day Class: $400 (1 or 2 students)
Full Day Class:
$550 (1 or 2 students)

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Casting Instruction

Double Handed(Spey) Casting

While Spey rods and casting have been around for centuries, the resurgence of this art has seen a rebirth in popularity in the 21st century. When done correctly, spey casts are a graceful thing of beauty. But when done incorrectly, it is a train wreck waiting to happen! Fin & Fire’s Double Handed(Spey) Casting course is designed to teach the fundamentals of several of the various casts you need to know to make a two-handed Switch and Spey rod work to its full capacity and efficiency. This course provides a foundation from which to build and improve your two-handed casting. You are also taught to self-diagnose and correct casting mistakes that are inevitable when learning these advanced casts. We break down the complex language, equipment, lines, and theories into simple ideas and concepts to make it easy to understand. This course is taught while standing in the water so waders and boots are required. We can teach you on your own gear or Fin & Fire can provide the needed equipment upon request. Classes are available year-round, but we prefer pleasant weather with minimal wind. This class is taught on the Deschutes River and lasts 3 to 4 hours. Call or email to schedule a class.



Fly Casting Instruction

Are you heading on your first trip to chase bonefish on a tropical flat and just don’t have the Double Haul down? Has it been a while since you’ve had the fly rod out and want help remembering the overhead cast? Is getting the timing and feel of a roll cast or water haul escaping you? Then booking one of our casting experts to work on your specific casting request is just the ticket! This service is billed on an hourly basis so it’s a great option for a quick lunch-time or after-work refresher. Call or email to set up a time.


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Fly Tying Classes

Private Instruction

If learning to tie your own flies is the next step on your fly fishing journey, then let Fin & Fire teach you the fundamentals about tools, materials, order of construction, recipes, and styles. We learn needed techniques and skills while tying popular and effective fly patterns. Because this is a private tying lesson, we work at your pace to get the most out of our time. You provide your own vise, tools, and thread, Fin & Fire provides the hooks and materials. This class is by appointment and held in the shop. It can be taught most any time, including after hours and weekends. We can accommodate up to 4 people per class. Call or email to schedule a time!

$50/hour (maximum 4 tiers)


Sunday Morning Tying

Most Sunday mornings from January through March, Fin & Fire offers a free tying forum for you to take part in. Held in the shop from 10am to Noon, this class is open to all levels of fly tyers. Our only stipulations are that the more experienced tyers help the less experienced, and you leave your ego at home. We are creating a pleasant, nurturing environment where everyone feels comfortable. The patterns we tie are up to the tyers, so the sky’s the limit. Or feel free to come in just to watch.

Free to participate


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