Crooked River Report 2/15/2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

As of today, the Crooked has stabilized at about 380 CFS.  High but fishable.  Before the water spiked last week, fishing was decent for whitefish and rainbows.  Some days produced dry fly fishing, but our best success has been on the good ol’ zebra midge and Ray Charles combo below the New Zealand strike indicator.  With the higher water, bring some small leechy critters such as simi-seal and Hale Bopp leeches, Thin Mints and olive woolly buggers.  A small san juan worm below an indicator seems to bring some nice fish to hand also.  Read More

Metolius River Report 1/29/2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Central Oregon’s most famous spring creek has been one of the few bright spots this winter for anyone willing to walk through the deep snow to their favorite runs. Parking areas remain limited to the hatchery and Allingham Bridge and a couple narrow roadside pullouts. Both bull trout and the native redsides have been active. Bulls are being taken on streamers and nymphs while the redsides are mostly taken on nymphs but a few days have produced good dry fly fishing. The blue wing olive is the predominant bug out there in February but look for a few assorted size caddis to be around if the weather warms up later in the month. Large caddis nymphs that imitate October Caddis seem to do very well and should be paired with a smaller mayfly nymph such as a pheasant tail hanging about 18 inches off the bend of the hook. Remember the Metolius is barbless only and catch and release. Read More

Crooked River Report 1/29/2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good news Bad news on the Crooked River. The access along the river has improved greatly and the parking areas are largely free of snow. Unfortunately, fishing has been slow. A few rainbows are being caught and some of the riffles are holding big groups of whitefish but overall January has been pretty tough. Look for blue wing olives and midges to lead the bug activity, with nymphing being the primary technique to find a few fish. Zebra Midges and sparse mayfly nymphs such as the Two Bit Hooker and Split Wing BWO would be a good idea to have with you. Read More

Metolius River Report 1/8/2017

Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Metolius has been one of the select spots to wet a line during the very cold and snowy weather that has blanketed Central Oregon.  Fishing for bulls, bows and the mountain bonefish (whitefish) has remained surprisingly good.  Access is limited to some roadside parking and at the hatchery.  Nymphing has been a top producer for the native bows and the bulls but throwing a big and nasty streamer for the bigger bulls is working too.  Best nymphing rigs are large stonefly nymphs such as the Lex’s Rubber Leg Stone in Black followed by a smaller egg pattern, Red Copper John or Flashback Pheasant Tail.  Large October Caddis nymphs seem to be a favorite meal also.  Make sure the flies are getting down to the fish as they won’t move very far for a meal.  Some impressively large bulls have been landed lately.  Fish a stout rod and big flies with movement.  The Dolly llama will get it done but creative fly tiers not afraid to experiment seem to be doing best.  The Metolius is a great place to enjoy a winter day.  Sometimes the fish won’t cooperate but that’s the way it goes out there.    Read More

Crooked River Report 1/8/2017

Sunday, January 08, 2017

We have not heard any recent reports for the Crooked River.  Wait till it warms some.  Tie up a bunch of flies.   Read More

Deschutes River Report 1/8/2017

Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Deschutes River from the Northern Boundary of the Warm Springs Reservation upstream to the Pelton Regulating Reservoir is now CLOSED until April 22nd.  You can still fish the Maupin area and find some willing Redsides and whitefish.  I would target any warm front and cloudy days to find the best insect activity and feeding trout.    Read More

Crooked River Report 12/20/2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

If anyone has been fishing the Crooked since the heavy snow, they have been tight-lipped or are still frozen out there.  I haven’t had any recent reports but the warming trend will be sure to get a few of the die-hards back out to their favorite spots.  If you venture out look for midges to dominate the action.  Zebra and JuJu Midges as well as the WD Flashy in size 20 are mainstays out there in the winter.  Don’t forget to carry a few sparse body mayfly imitations such as the Two Bit Hooker as well as small egg patterns  and the Ray Charles this time of year. Flows have been stable around 85 CFS but river ice can be an issue during colder periods. An extra layer and change of clothes is always a smart choice as is a HydroFlask filled with a warm beverage.  Read More

Deschutes River Report 12/20/2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fishing pressure on the Deschutes has been very light since the Snowpacalypse that covered Central Oregon last week.  However, with a day off from the very busy shop, Travis and Reed hit the river on Saturday.  Reed has often been heard saying that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear”.  When they were driving through Madras and the car thermometer read minus -4. it was time to test the theory, or die trying.  Dressed in the finest layers of Sitka, Simms and Patagonia they choose to swing flies for steelhead.  It’s been a tough year for steelhead but anytime you can swing flies for steelhead on the Deschutes, you should take an advantage of the opportunity.  Reed started off with a AquaFlies Bunny Hare Leech in Black/Blue and was able to connect on a pretty wild steelhead less than 10 minutes into the day.  I guess that fly works.  Read More

Crooked River Report 12/5/16

Monday, December 05, 2016

The Crooked remains a reliable option as December temperatures drop.  Midge and small blue wing olive nymphs will be in the starting line-up as usual but don’t forget to pull some small streamers from the bench on occasion.  For the nymphs, Zebra Midges in black, red or purple have been picking up fish but it’s fun to throw a change-up every once in a while.  We have a tiny fly called the DJ’s Baetis in the shop that has been doing great and the Smethurst’s Midge Bomb is a cool option if you don’t like to add any weight to the leader.  Czech nymphing styles or fishing the New Zealand Strike Indicator will outfish plastic bobbers.  ALL DAY LONG. Dry fly fishing has been inconsistent but available at times, more often later in the day.  Read More

Deschutes River Report 12/5/16

Monday, December 05, 2016

For those brave enough to get down to the Deschutes River in the last week, they have found very few people, a few nice trout, and a couple steelhead made an appearance.  All fishing will close in the Warm Springs area to the Northern Boundary of the Warm Springs Reservation at the end of the month so it’s the last chance to get your licks in.  Fishing a large stonefly nymph has produced some healthy and fat redsides, and as long as the tippet has not been too light, a couple steelhead were lassoed in on the stone nymphs.  Swinging a MOAL Leech and mid-sized intruders have also brought to some fish to hand.  Black and blue colors continue to be shop’s top sellers.  Pink and purple might not be a bad option either.  Just sayin’.  Read More