Metolius River Report 12/9/2017

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Bull trout fishing on the Metolius has been very good this fall and we expect it to continue into the winter.  The kokanee spawn lingered well into November this year and the bulls were really going after large flesh flies as the kokanee died off.  Move slowly as the bulls can be spotted by the observant angler that takes more time looking and hunting for fish than just blind casting.  7 and 8 wt. rods are the order of the day here. Read More

Crooked River Report 12/9/2017

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Even with the colder weather finally hitting Central Oregon, the Crooked is holding up remarkably well.  The solid improvements in fishing we saw in the fall are continuing.  Midday seems to be the best time to find active fish as the water warms up a bit.  Zebra Midges, Ray Charles, small pheasant tails and a handful of size 18 and 20 Purple Hazes will bring solid numbers to hand on most days. Small Egg patterns are also great right now with the whitefish grouped together and spawning.  Bring a hot thermos of coffee and an extra layer and enjoy winter fishing on the Crooked! Read More

Lower Deschutes River Report 11/20/2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Deschutes River from Warm Springs down to Trout Creek closes at the end of December for all fishing.  Now is a great time to get after it with some very nice redsides being caught lately as well as a decent number of summer steelhead.  Although a few trout might be up and eating in some slow water and backeddies midday, nymphing and swinging is the order of the day at this time of year.  We like to swing of course and some very nice redsides and a few steelhead have fallen for our swung flies.  Our selection of mini-intruders from Aqua Flies seems like it needs to be restocked every other day here at the shop as they continue to put fish in the net.  A good way to fish for trout but have a realistic shot at steelhead is to swing the Black Sculpzilla or nymph a stonefly such as the Jimmy Legs with a flashy dropper such as the silver or red Copper Swan off the back.  Egg patterns will also get it done as the Chinook are spawning in the area.   Read More

Crooked River Report 11/20/2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Crooked River is fishing well for native rainbows and whitefish at this time.  The best chance to run across a hatch will be midday with some fish up top eating blue wing olives or midges.  Most days using small nymphs imitating slender blue wing olive nymphs and midge larva will account for the most fish.  Size 18 and 20 Juju midges and Juju Baetis, pheasant tails, zebra midges and the two-bit hooker in tan will get the job done.  A few Ray Charles as well as some small egg patterns will make round out a good assortment of nymphs to have over the next month. The warm days here at the end of November could be a great time to get out before the cold really sets in.   Read More

Deschutes River Report 10/10/2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our favorite river the mighty Deschutes River, is producing well for trout and steelhead.  The steelhead are now spread out all along its reach from the Columbia up to the Warm Springs area with best concentrations from the Maupin area to the mouth.  Dry line tactics have made some very happy anglers this year.  Many of our regular customers are reporting catching steelhead on dry flies this year even after gear or nymph anglers fished the run before.  In other words, have faith in the dry line approach as the next couple weeks are some of the best to run your favorite Steelhead Muddler, Berry’s Euphoric Muddler, or Gerath’s Curb Feeler.   Read More

Metolius River Report 10/10/2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The explosion of vine maples along the Metolius might be enough reason to fish the Metolius in October but add in the chance of hooking a massive bull trout or a beautifully colored Rainbow and it makes the trip always worth it. Read More

Crooked River Report 10/10/2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Crooked is fishing very well.  Flows are down to about 100 CFS and both dry fly and nymph fishing has really improved.  Fishing is good most of the day with many fish rising when hatches occur and when the shade hits in the early afternoon.  Blue Wing Olives and a few straggler PMD’s and caddis are bringing many fish to the surface. Also keep an eye out for October Caddis as they are active.  Running a small nymph off the October Caddis dry is a fun way to cover water. Read More

Lower Deschutes River Report 9/4/2017

Monday, September 04, 2017

Steelhead fishing has picked up over the last couple weeks. Despite low early returns of steelhead over the dams in July and early August, the last 2 weeks has brought a nice spike in returning fish and a respectable number of fish are being caught. Best action is from Mack’s Canyon to the mouth and a few fish found in the Maupin to Mack’s road stretch. Angling traffic has been way down this summer. On several recent trips from Mack’s to the mouth we have had the choice and luxury to fish some of the river’s most hallowed runs. Scandi heads with polyleaders and hairwings or muddlers have accounted for many fish and Skagit heads matched with some T-8 or T-11 and small intruders have picked up some also. The smoky and hazy skies have made fishing higher in the water column even in the middle of the day a real possibility. Most of the fish we have seen have been hot and wild and it just takes one chance per day to get us excited. The tug is the drug! Read More

Deschutes River Report 8/15/2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trout fishing in the Warm Springs to Trout Creek section has held up pretty well this August. Traffic has been surprisingly light for such a great stretch of trout water. Dry fly fishing is good in the mornings of dead caddis and small attractors and the evenings on caddis dries such as an X Caddis in tan. We also have seen many aquatic moths which the trout love. Light bodies elk hair caddis or X Caddis work very well. Nymphing has been pretty good in heavily oxygenated water where many of the caddis lay their eggs or get blown into the water. These choppy pieces of water also provide good cover from the osprey and other predators. If you are not finding fish, keep moving until you do, add some more split shot or downsize leader and fly choice. Read More

Metolius River Report 8/15/2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Metolius has been crowded but has fished well though the dog days of summer. Golden Stones are sputtering on the upper river but the fish have been looking for them. Norm Woods in size 10 or the Clark’s Stone in size 8 or 10 should raise a few fish. If you want to throw a dropper below, a simple Hare’s Ear or Dirty Bird will do well. Nymphing with golden stone nymphs followed by a pheasant tail or hare’s ear is a great way to cover some water if you can’t find any players on top. Read More